by Omkar Mankame

Green with an Antique_Oil on Canvas_42 x72''_2018

Concept note:

A portrait is the subject associated with emotions and expressions. Making portraiture out of a human portrait is a difficult task altogether. To choose the portrait as a subject for painting is sort of clichéd and different in a way. The human form has limitations within itself, thus when making use of it as a subject we have to choose very subtle elements. My subject of interest lies in a personal association with the human form in relation to a certain space, place or with certain shared things. The forms related to my surroundings and surrounding people, with a layered textured treatment make it more sensitive as a visual. Sometimes, the use of my own character and identity in the composition without any facial details in the form of a self-portrait, makes it an interesting part within the painting.

  • Omkar Mankame


Omkar Nishikant Mankame is doing his MFA in Portraiture from Sir J J School of Arts and has completed his Bachelors in Painting from the same school. He is fond of nature and music, and has been learning Indian Classical music since 4 years. He is learning the sitar and the flute as well.

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