Pseudo Mag is an online volunteer-based literary magazine that believes in unrestricted content, and values content that is primarily writer-centric. Writing that is personal, passionate and raw interests the editors of Pseudo Mag more than anything in the world.

Pseudo Mag was created by Kimaya Kulkarni.


Kimaya Kulkarni is a generally kind person who is severely against bullying. She wishes she were a fictitious time-travelling archaeologist arrested for a murder she never committed. She also loves being what she already is, though, which is a philosophy major and editor of a literary magazine and the best friend she could possibly imagine to all her best friends.

Tanvi Joshi is a lost soul swimming in a fish bowl. She spends her time trying to understand poetry and trying to come to terms with reality. She disturbingly loves the idea of going to prison because that would mean a lot of time to read. Befriend her, and you’ll probably have to hear all about the hilarious thing her cats did that day. If looked for, she can be found sitting in lone corners, with a book, or laughing very loudly with her friends.



Tanvi Salunkhe is a traveller at heart, waiting for the right moment to run away. She believes that everyone has a story to tell, and it is these conversations that fuel her wanderlust. She is weirdly attracted to that which is simple, raw, untouched. Coldplay and open roads are all she needs to giver her a high.


Illustrators and Photographers

Mukta Ranade a.k.a. Mavni is a goofball of curls who speaks about Murakami as if she is having a love affair with his writing. She gets amused and amazed by the mother of wonders that is philosophy and loves telling anecdotes that climax too soon.

Sawani Chaudhary looks for art in places large and small. She can fangirl about travelling, Monet, Game of Thrones and cats in the same breath. She easily passes off as a Mumbaikar when in Mumbai but Pune runs in her blood.







I have started Pseudo Mag because I want to write, and I want to write without restrictions, and I want to read and see the works of my talented friends and other cool people who believe in unrestricted content and want to contribute.

By ‘unrestricted content’, I mean content, which focuses on the writer by giving her/him full freedom not only to express herself fully, but also to choose what she/he wants to write about/create. I believe that a writer, or any artist, can produce his best work only if she/he gets a choice and is under no pressure to get “views”, “likes” or “reads”. Views are important and so are deadlines, but nothing is as important and essential to creativity as a mind, flowing freely with thoughts layered into emotions, which become words. This is a hippie magazine, in a way.

However, sharing this with the world does feel incredibly vulnerable. Letting someone read what you’ve written is an incredibly vulnerable thing to do. Not everyone is going to want to read it, not everyone is going to like it if they read it. And although we are doing this largely for ourselves, positive feedback feels nice, and not being noticed hurts. Plus, there are other external gremlins, as Brené Brown calls the thoughts of “I am not enough”, invoked by, perhaps, the existence of someone you happen to have a crush on, or someone from school you still feel like you should prove yourself to. But then, this is precisely what I have learned from my friends- Do not let the existence of others dictate how your existence should be.
We create this weirdly imperialist world in our head and make ourselves the slaves of it, in it. We inflict inequality on ourselves when we constantly strive to be someone else’s interpretation of ourselves, or our interpretation of the person someone else would like to see. This stops authenticity and blocks creativity. Authenticity needs courage, and there’s no courage without being vulnerable. The Fraud Police, as Amanda Palmer calls the thoughts of self-doubt that harass us, are always chasing, and someone outside our head is echoing “GET A JOB!” inside it.
But among all this, there’s the acute need to do the thing we love which precedes every gremlin and Fraud policeman. The voice that says, “This might be a terrible idea. But I can’t not go through with it.”

So let’s choose Whole-heartedness.
The first issue goes online on the 23rd of July. It’s a collection of prose, poetry, photography and graphic bits, each an aesthetic experience of its own kind.
Submissions are open for the next issue, the details of which will be put up soon.
Lots of love, authenticity, and whole-heartedness,

From a post made by Kimaya Kulkarni on the official Facebook page of Pseudo Mag on 19th July, 2015.

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