A letter about the hiatus from the editors of Pseudo Mag

Dear Pseudonauts,

This project began in 2015, when we were 19/20 years old. The purpose was to create a platform for writing that is personal, passionate, raw, experimental and weird enough to not fit anywhere else but here, and to make art that is indifferent to “likes” and “views” in the time of Instagram and SEO analytics. 

We loved collaborating with our favourite poets and fiction writers who contributed their work, and were fortunate to receive submissions from writers and artists from all over the world. The way we were supported and encouraged by our community of readers and writers and illustrators and all kinds of art-makers made and keeps making us feel beyond grateful and special. 

The journey of Pseudo Mag ran parallely with our own journey of growth and mistakes and adventure and Masters programmes and heartbreak and triumph. 2020 finds us 24 going on 25. We have read more stuff, travelled a little bit more, met more new people, and have learned enough to know that our views as long as we are in a dynamic, developing society are subject to change according to the times and our experiences. If we were to start this project at this stage of our lives and the world, it would perhaps look and read differently. 

This is all to say that archives of Pseudo Mag 2015-19 will remain up online if anyone wants to visit or revisit them. It is the fruit of our excitement, creative zest, and intellectual yearning from that time, and although it is not a complete and exact reflection of who we are, it is something that we very much were for quite some time.

 The magazine remains on hiatus for the foreseeable future.

We once again thank all the contributors from the bottom of our souls for making Pseudo Mag what it is. Keep making art and putting it out in the universe.

Stay hydrated and don’t forget to wear a helmet.


Kimaya and Tanvi

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