Issue 15, Poetry: Poems from Sascha

by Sascha A Akhtar

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“I have a tiger in my arteries”
“In my vena cava”

“S/he manoeuvres softly, so as not to kill me”

C://Aorta//Prowl//Wide Eyes//

“there it is”




” ‘…& self-preservation rules the day no more..’ ”

As. we. move. towards. no. end.

(we learn)

to die

” ‘…strength and beauty destined to decay…’ ”





little nature, guises off

Today, snowdrops
I got a message from, snowdrops
Asalamalaikum, snowdrops
Then someone else said, snowdrops

Two slow, lumbering animals
Facing each other
In the sky

One steps forward
One back

‘S so gentle some days

when your vibe starts jamming’ wth
your vibe starts jammin’ wth
your vibe starts jammin’ wid
your face
starts jammin’ wid your face
starts jamming wid your face!
your face !

your face

Today snowdrops tomorrow snowdrops
today snowdropstoday tomorrow
snowdrops todaysnowdrops today your

today snowdrops tomorrow your face.

Today snowdrops.

shout(ing)out snowdrops

I’ll secure my account later, bitch!

your payment has been declined!

Found Poem: “Ghost In The Machine”
“Randomly generated sequence of words by internet bots”
The incident feverpitch at the Molly Mansor and flowed of elsewise
the border in arriving left corn to oaks deepest in the inevitable
floor and ceil to breakin The slim of the apparatus bell
margin out into the espoused The guard notes
the holy chant elders with the storm like
with Patan At least the wraith of subterranean lay
conquer. The bottom paused in its course
to do nests to God. switcher however
aautomatically clap of tender smote the sky
off with a a ramtop dissonance Demons limited
to matrix Snow came marrying with
ceremony and interspersed midst of a wasted had suddenly
reactor mad in the if a High Priest bending but resolute
Grandfather Amprose sized a curve In palankin
if for battle the brethren wardroom packing with gleaming
earns and trembling category the militant army of God
swept up nailer of the plague stairs mumbling
the ritual of the pain Infected posteriori by the fluid hysteria
navigate angels Aubrey lizardfish of the polonez
compost at northwood by Messner The imbed chime

correspond to motion as beeper

Found Poem In A Real Place: “Harringay Train Station”

Ginger Whinger!

Ginger Minger!

Ginger Ninsa!

Ginger Crwger!

Gintas Virgis.

These poems will appear in a collection entitled #LoveLikeBlood on KnivesForksandSpoons press in 2019.
Sascha A Akhtar has been widely translated into Armenian, Portuguese, Galician, Russian, Dutch & Polish. Anthologies include Cathecism: Poems for Pussy Riot &Women:Poetry:Migration . She has performed internationally at festivals such as the Poetry International Festival Rotterdam & Southbank Centre’s MELTDOWN festival London curated by Yoko Ono. Her most recent poetry collection is 199 Japanese Names for Japanese Trees. She is currently working on book of translations of the work of the first female pilot(and a fiction writer) in the Subcontinent Hijjab Imtiaz on Oxford University Press 2019. She also works as a freelance editor & Healer using therapeutic meditation practices at Be meditation. In 2019, she will teach a workshop at The Poetry School entitled Technicians of The Sacred: The Poem As A Magical Event, March 16, 2019. Her fiction has appeared in StorgyThe Learned Pig, Tears In The Fence, BlazeVox and Anti-Heroin Chic.
Her chapbook The Whimsy of Dank Ju-Ju is forthcoming in 2019 on Emma Press.

Illustration by Mavni.

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