Not-so-fiction: Piracy and the Body Politic


I learn everyday that we pay a heavy price for the events that our bodies experience. In pleasure and in pain, we derive joy and sorrow from the fulfilment or lack of fulfilment of that which we wish to befall our bodies. Our bodies dictate our survival, for without the body we are just thoughts and ideas with no system which allows for the manifestation of the same. Our bodies are central to our mindfulness. They make good on that which our mind thinks.

Don’t be afraid of your bodies; let them plant seeds of intelligence and drink from the river of imagination and clothe themselves in the fabric of creativity, and avoid anything that seeks to hide them behind a veil of ignorance. Free your bodies to speak for you, of you, at all. You are a beautiful mind; why do you diminish your capacity by caging your body in a prison built from stale expectations and unworthy moral concerns? Be brave.

Your body is a ship and this life is an ocean – do not fear to make better and stronger the device aiding your floatation. Rebuild and replace the parts that have been lost in war, or to lovers who knew exactly what part of you they needed to steal in order to set sail their ships. Find those willing to share parts of themselves with you, and join forces with them so that you can sail the ocean as companions. It is difficult to share your ship with someone as opposed to sneaking parts from other ships. But would you rather have one ship made from the loot of soul robberies, or many built from an understanding of how sharing our souls has led to the building of a fleet of ships whereupon our bodies are free to be as they are?

by Priyanka Sutaria


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