Flash fiction: Imperio

“This is crazy! I don’t think I can jump from here.” I say this while standing on top of a cliff. “I’ll break my neck! “, I scream. As I look down lower and lower, before I realize it I’m in the air. I yell and shout. Suddenly I’m just floating in stillness. I don’t even have a parachute! I wrap my arms around myself as I plummet down like an Olympic diver. I see a body of water rushing towards me. I shut my eyes tightly gulping my last few breaths. As I pray, I knife into the water. I haven’t hit anything yet so I swirl up and swim to the bank, panting. I curl myself up like a ball. Shivering and desperate. I can’t even move to check if I’ve broken any bones. I just sit there, breathing and waiting. Breathing and waiting.

by Huma Bhola

Art – http://sketchfail-highlights.tumblr.com/

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